A traveling merchant is basically an encounter with a trader from the Merchant Guild. He is basically a wandering

A traveling merchant encounter

which you will randomly meet in your adventures in STWALT.

Once you meet with this merchant, there are three options you can do with him:

  • Trade: This is a good option to choose if you have items to sell (especially since the castle is the only other place to sell items), or if you would like to peruse his wares. Merchants sometimes may have quest objectives to sell.
  • Robbery: If you are low on items, robbing merchants is the option to choose. Success and failure in robbing merchants depends on how well you intimidate him (All character have +1' intimidate per level, rogues have +4 bonus). If you fail, you will leave empty-handed but if you succeed, you will gain access to the merchant's inventory, allowing you to reap everything he has, yarrr! Be warned however, you will have 10% per level of being caught in the act and labeled as a criminal. Rogues enjoy a lower chance of 5% per level .
  • Leave this merchant behind: If you do this, it is maybe because you just hate him (he looks odd) or you just love adventuring.. But, this is not recommended because merchants may provide you with items that can save you later and prevent a fast death in the unpredictable realm of STWALT.