The Temple of Elemtal Evil
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Vital statistics
Start Unknown
End Ditzerliz's Temple
Prerequisites Find the temple of and defeat the evil hobgoblin Dizterlitz within 80 days.
Level 4-5 preferably
Location Unknown
Rewards Tome of Magic will now appear.
Quest progression
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The Mertwig Fever King Maker

The only quest with a final battle at its end, the Temple of Elemental Evil Quest is a good way to showcase your battle prowess in a final showdown. Although you can enter the temple at any time, it is best to spend as many of your 80 days as possible leveling up and getting better gear.

Tips Edit

  • Play a high-powered late-game class here - your hobbits and rogues will have little to offer in this final showdown.
  • Carry several health potions (or health spells if wizard/cleric) to replenish while in battle.
  • Carry a spare weapon should you fumble.
  • Do not waste time here (going for mini quest or exploring caves), you just got 80 days and you should spend you time leveling up your character.
  • Before fighting with Diterlitz, remember to have high attack and defense, attcking Diterlitz with a club is just such.. "Ah, child's play" for him..
  • Bless yourself before fighting him, a +2 blessing to your rolls will kick him in the pancreas..
  • It is better to rush in uninvited rather than lockpicking Diterlitz entrance though, and don't forget to check out traps, sometimes they are poisoned..
  • Carry medicinal or antidote potions because you will not know whether you are going to be diseased or poisoned by Diterlitz..
  • Pepperthumb's cake makes the difference between life and death here, always carry one or more, it saved me once :-)
  • If you are quite prepared from arms to toe, but end up frogged ;-( ..well it's just those bad days where you are just unlucky.. just die with honour..