The Mertwig Fever
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Vital statistics
Start Unknown
End Castle
Prerequisites Find the Flower of Life and return it to the king before it's too late!
Level N/A
Location Unknown
Rewards Ring of Ward will now appear.
Quest progression
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None. The Temple of Elemental Evil

The Mertwig Fever is arguably the quickest quest to complete, but does not come without its fare share of difficulties. Upon entering the world, you must search around for the flower of life, located either randomly on the ground, within chests, or in various trade locations. To buy the flower it will cost 300 gold, assuming no price changes are in effect. However, obtaining the Flower of Life is not the end of the quest! You now must find the castle and return it to the king before the worst happens...

Tips Edit

  • Playing on the thief class is a good choice for this quest, since his higher speed, robbery bonuses, and chest opening knowledge all prove beneficial when searching for the flower
  • In many cases, you will find some shop that sells the flower. Even if you have not found it yet, sell your high-valued equipment until you have a solid 300 gold to buy the flower if you find it.
  • The flower does not grant you eternal life. Boo-hoo.