Ahh.. the tavern, a place where you can rest, eat and drink your problems of the cruel world... Have a drink and get drunk! ( this will cost 40 gold on beer dpending on economy, random events= 1xp, reveal map, lose 2 days etc.)

Gamble!!! (if you want to test your luck).. usually lose!

Have a bite to eat!( Set meal that carry 40% to replenish 1 hp)

Catch a ride to the castle with the convoy for 50 gold! (go to castle directly, hooray!) Explanation of gambling game... its simply throwing dice!

2 players

You go first , dealer wins tie.  If you click the go back arrow even though you've won you wont recieve your money till the game gives it to you.

You can still gamble even though you dont have any money but you wont win anything... Car broke, phone yes!

Rage when the dealer rolls a 13 to match you RAGEEEEEEE!!!!