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Version 1.0.1 of stwalt was released the 11 Jul 2013 and addressed the issues pointed out by the testers on

  • Fixed the duplication bug
  • Fixed the leave shrine text
  • Fixed the dodge rock slide fail text
  • Fixed some typos
  • Added proper text to the tent
  • Removed Squiggles from dwarf fortress, eleven village, cave and post card
  • Fixed a bug were a fumble would destroy your weapon no matter what.
  • If weapon destroyed and inv panel is open it will update appropriately
  • Using library will bring the user back to castle main menu now
  • Fixed a glitch regarding paperdoll not displaying the player when frogged
  • Fixed the shortcuts from dwarves and elves now. They dont just take your money.
  • Message on apple tree success added
  • Leaving the road post will have proper message
  • Flee results will now be logged in the journal
  • Noob +5 flee bonus will only last 15 days
  • Wall climbing will actually count the rope for bonus and destroy it on usage
  • Can't throw away items now while being in a fight
  • Excalibur hilt working properly (+3 attack bonus)
  • Exiting Elf market will not bring you to dwarf fortress anymore
  • Chest text is now logged in the journal