One day, as you walk up in the woods, you meet a stranger who told you he can led you to a castle by using a shortcut in one days for 50 golds. As he laughed cynically, you started to question his claims. "Can I trust this guy?"


There are 3 actions that can be done:

a) Pay him 50 golds. If you can't find the castle, he will lead you there but not in one days time (mostly 2-4 days dunno).WARNING:There is a small chance he will lead you to bandits!

b) Rob this fool= Well if you are a rogue, you are likely to succeed.  for each level gained + 1 robbing skill regardless of any classes you use, +5 for rogues. Success will yield gold and items, Failure will lead to empty handedness. Small chance of being recognised as criminal.

c) Leave this guy alone, you just found the castle or you just want to move on.. But trust me, you would not leave em' behind without robbing them, right?

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