Throughout the game of Swalt, you may aquire several status effects, usally bad, which affect your character in differnt ways, many of which can be removed through gold at the [castle]

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Status Effect Causes How to remove?
Blessed You have a +2 bonus to your all of your rolls for X period of days.  Drinking Holy Water, Casting Bless Time
Cursed You have a -3 Penalty to all your rolls for X period of days. Desecrating shrines and cursed by Gygax, cursed by Lich, cursed by harpy or evil weapons (Grim Reaper's scythe). Recieve a blessing, 50 gold at castle, (100 gold for blessing at castle), time. Casting a Bless spell.

Afraid (fear)

Reduces Movement speed by 25% and penalty to magic rolls for X period of days.  Wights, Reading newsposts written in blood, Spell critical failure, being hit by a skeleton Casting Remove fear, Drinking Beer, 50 gold at castle, time
Poisoned If you stay poisoned for X days, you will die slowly... Spiders (deadly), snakes (strong), Carrion crawlers and green slime (weak poison)  Antidote, Casting Cure Poison, 50 gold at castle
Diseased If you stay  diseased for X days, your Max HP is decreased by 1. Reoccuring until you are dead...(no max hp) Hit by a ghoul, catcha cold in the storm event, catch a plague in built areas when there's an epidemic a.k.a Black Death. Medicinal potion, Casting Cure disease, 50 gold at castle
Frogged For X days, you have 0 attack and defense, leaving you vulnerable to attacks. Spell major failures, Cursed by hag. After saving a princess, you can be unfrogged for free at the castle or time. You can also cast Unfrogging spell.
Wanted (criminal) You have a chance to be thrown in jail each time you vist the castle or the tower. Paladin don't gain xp if he is a criminal. Stealing, Begging, Robbery, Vandalism and Disobeying the guards.

Pay a Hobbit lawyer 250 golds or spend time in jail. Casting a Polymorph spell.