Ring Bearer
The One Ring
Vital statistics
Start Unknown
End Volcano
Prerequisites Find the One Ring and destroy it in the volcano!
Level N/A
Location Unknown
Rewards Elven Bow will now appear.
Quest progression
Previous Next
King Maker N/A

Similar to the Mertwig Fever quest, the Ring Bearer quest involves finding an object throughout the world and returning it to a location, in this case the volcano. Remember to scour every inch of the world for the ring. However, even if you have the ring, the game will still end, so you must destroy it to finish the quest.

Tips Edit

  • Using the Thief here can be immensely useful, due to his greater affinity for finding and looting items.
  • See also the tips for The Mertwig Fever, because the two quests are similar

Guide Edit

Spawn and make a square around the entire map. Typically you find the castle or the tavern as you travel. The thief is very useful for their long sight range.

Flee from everything besides Stirges. Once you have a bow you can take a first shot, flee if it isn't a kill. You will probably be lvl 1 at day 30 but that's fine. Because you've uncovered 75% of the entire map. Caves are a waste of time, avoid going in.

Get a longsword ( or iron sword if you can ) and a main gauche as a backup, you'll be able to take on most foes at that point. As you rank up always get the training from the tower as its very useful.

As a thief the greatest danger you face is probably the boulders random event that can easily kill you.  Before obtaining the ring (if you can buy it in a shop) make sure you are prepared with a lvl. of 3+ and equipped with Roman or Gothic armor. Wraiths will start to come at you and you will want to be able to face surprise attacks by around 19 strength monsters and around 9HP.

Always equip your best weapon because fumbles and bandits and grey shadows love stealing your equipment when they can. There is also a slight chance to destroy your weapon + a random item in your inventory if you try and use one of your special moves.