Patrol is a type of encounter with an empire patrol. This happens randomly and usually this event is where the patrol asks you 25 gold as payment for the safe passage across the realm.

As an adventurer, you can:-

(a) Pay: The fast method of dealing with a situation like this is to pay them this little amount of gold. 25 gold is not a large sum if you are a rich adventurer, or if you are wearing Imperial Cloak, they will let you pass freely, thinking you are a member of nobility, which is NOT!

(b) Declare poverty: The alternative method, claiming you do not have any gold. This depends mainly on your charming ability (Charm spell gives +3 to this situation) and whether the guards believe you don't have enough gold. Most of the time, it is successful, giving you 30 days to pay that 25 gold at the castle (or the tower). But, failing at this action a.k.a the guards does not believe you, means you have to pay 100 golds instead of 25 golds at the castle in 30 days, GOOD LUCK finding 100 golds in 30 days...

(c) Escape: Another alternative method and a gamble option. Escape the payment from this damn guards. Remember, it uses a flee roll, so characters that have a bonus to flee rolls ( Rogues, Wizards, Hobbits) could always use this option. Bad news: There is 10% chance per level your character will be recognized as a criminal, except Hobbits. More bad news: If your character is recognised as a criminal while escaping, the bounty is large (over 1000 golds). Another bad news: If you fail to escape, be prepared to fight the empire patrol, and gain a criminal status.

(d) Fight: Nobody should claim gold in the name of the king. It is time for you to teach this guards a lesson for extortion. This option is for a rebellious gamer or a miser, who loves his gold coin more than his life. Choosing this option brings you to a fight with the empire patrol. Also your character becomes a criminal.

During Inquisition event, if you met a patrol, and you have magic scrolls in your inventory, it will be confiscated and you will have to pay a fine of 100 gold per scroll confiscated. BEWARE of this event if you don't want to lose gold, sell the scrolls immediately or you can drop them or use the scrolls..