This patch was released the 22nd July 2013 and addressed the issues mentioned by the testers regarding version 1.0.1 It also contained a substential amount of new content to be tested. It is the second patch of the pre release beta.

- slightly reduced the amount of items being spawned on the map

- Fixed a bug where on some rare occasion items would be deleted from the map.

- Fixed cave stash top left item unlootable.

- Tarask is now activable and will roam the world eating and destroying stuff.

- Updated item spawn table in castle and tower.

- skeletons does not cause fear anymore

- Half the game got proof read by my smoking hot gf for grammar issues

- Added a space after the amount of days when you roll over with your mouse on the statuses text

- 6 new spells added - Corrected few sounds for missed actions and failed actions.

- Amor value for mask is now 0

- Merchant guild placeable

- Ruins placeable

- Gygax shrine chain praying disabled

- Can’t deploy a tent when fighting

- Surf board not broken anymore

- Mithril sword fix

- You can lvl up when using ring now

- Unlock vicking at lvl 6 works

- Hammer description fixed

- Pelt loot unborked

- Princess txt fixed

- World events are now logged

- about 12 new items (most of them are Bersimon’s suggestions with a pinch of urb spices, this said if other items need to be suggested or have been forgotten let me know)

- Dwarven boot txt reflecting actual stats

- Horses!!