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Patch 1.0.4Edit

- Increased the wanted level (gold on your head) for stealing a precious book from the library!

- New spells, find familiar, clairvoyance and create food

- You can now rent a room in the tavern for 25gp 50% chances to heal 10% to get robbed

- Hurt sound when failing the cold event fire making action

- Fixed a sound glitch where you hear 2 fall sounds when hiting a pit in the fog.

- Library access is dropped to 25gp

- Wizard gain 2 magic points at lvl 2 now. (was glitches)

- Fixed swift spell icon description for the right amount of days left.

- Amensty event sound got louder

- Sounds for harvest, new born, inquisition, drought

- New obstacle event, peasant

- Boots give no bonuses to movement when on horse

- new sounds for horse

- Fixed the unlimited hunting

- well bug fixed (first attempt)

- Dropped the arcane spell power word difficulty to 20

- Fixed the undefined log when finding the second portal

- Fixed the drop item glitchthat was changing image quality

- Fixed reported typos

- Hermit capture txt edited

- Update inventory after scroll being confiscated by patrol on inquisition

- Ring of ward fix!!

- Crossing a swamp as a frog is now benefical

The patch should be out within 24 hours