Paladin druid knight by aphextal-d5ci9o8

Patch 1.0.3Edit

Bugs  glitches/fixes:

- Fixed the crawler txt -I agreee 30 days is a lot. lowered the stone time of basilisk to 15 days we’ll see how it goes.

- Attemtping something or killing a monster does not cause nan score but looting -something- does. mad props to the person that can figure this one out. This one is the most mesmerizing bug that we got so far.

- Fixed the steal action at the shrine to reflect proper bonuses to the thief.

- Horse were glitched but got fixed in 1.0.3 we will see how it goes, it was simple fix.

- utensils description says when they are in your inventory they gice +10% to food heal. I checked the code you can equip them or not they will still work regardless (short story: as per description..i think.. or does it need to be more clear? let me know)

- Rogues and hobbits will get their bonuses for begging now.

- Rogues will get their bonuses for the dive action at the rockslide event

- Charm spell icon is now fixed and will tell the amount of days you are charmful for.

- the patrol flee action has been revised but looked normal, I’ve set a message that tells you your rolls when you fail so we can determine the nature of the actions.

- Caravn loot action will now be logged in journal

- Mask has now to be worn to work properly as opposed to just be in inventory

-  codex revealing items will now be around the player area to limit confusion

- fixed codex spelling on event card

- Fur armor (and subsequent weather clothes) will protect on a failed fire action.

- Added a loggable txt when you are protected by your clothes.

- Fixed ruins mob text

- Fixed spawn tables of ruins

- the tent does not spawn anymore as a pleaceable but rather as an item to be found.

- initial fix to swift spell let’s see how it goes

- Gygax has 30% to be more recptive to offerings now. Redering the shrine in something else than a desecrating stand.

- walking cane is equipable by clerics

- Fixed the evil scythe cursing all the time :/

- Buying scrolls intial fix done, let’s how this one goes in 1.0.3

- fixed the occasion where when succesfully mining an item that is no unlocked the game would give you just a lil bit of gold. Now it gives you a iron ingot by default.

- Beholder is now truly immune to spells 

- Fixed the leave the wizard tower at the traders guild

-Fixed the you will lOOse one hp in the warm day event.

- there is a Log book at death now.

- More events are logged

- typos in ruins card

-fixed the hidden hobbit button in the dwarf fortress (nice catch)

-Pikeaxe named pike axe now

- Hobit lawyer has a message now

- fixed typo at the cliff and message post

- Ring wriaths have the right icon now on their mob cards