Heroes of STWALT

"Although STWALT is easy to play and a game you can simply pick up and play it is still sadly a victim of what we love and cherish (mad urb'in) and with urb'n comes some levels of depth.."

- Urb, the game developer

STWALT (Save The World At Lunch Time) is a hybrid  rogue-like computer game created by the independent game development group Unfair Random Brutality. In this game, players explore a fantasty world loosely based on the basic Dungeon and Dragons (D&D) worlds of the 70's and 80's.

The basic premise of the game is quite simple: stay alive while completing a selected quest. The sandbox world is randomly generated and uncoverable by exploration. Like all games made by urb, Stwalt creates a new world each time the game is played. Castles, towers, taverns, guilds, strong holds, guard patrols, items, monsters and dozens of events and encounters are randomized for each game session. In contrast to other (notoriously difficult) games by urb, STWALT is quite evenly balanced with good and bad outcomes.

Time in the game passes through two ways: either your character walks around and days pass as such (greater speed will reduce the rate of time passage when walking over the same distance), or your character takes part in some time-consuming event such as walking around a river or being stuck in jail. If the character is not moving around and not partaking in actions, time will not pass, thus creating a built-in pause function. Furthermore, for actions to take place, the user must initiate each individual one with a click, making STWALT incredibly easy to walk away from and return to if one must leave the game/computer.

While traveling through the map placeable landmarks are revealed to the player as they come within visual range from their characters, offering an unpredictable landscape each and every time. Terrain affects the character movement depending on which type of terrain is being crossed and what type of hero is being played.

While the player is busy fighting for his life and trying to complete his quest, the world around him is alive and breathing. Epidemics of the Black Death can break out, the economy can improve or decline which will affect the price of goods, and the moon phases will change, affecting spell casters' ability to conjure astral energy amongst many other things. 

In Stwalt, there are currently four quests which are facilitating various types of play. Regardless of the quest, Stwalt promotes the freedom of decision associated with early dungeon and dragon days and the freedom of going where ever you want without any boundaries or restrictions. You live or die (mostly die)  based on your decisions and of course the roll of the dice.

Instructional Video Edit

Created by Lance, the following video shows some general STWALT gameplay:

STWALT Game Explained

STWALT Game Explained