The caravan is a perfect example of obstacle.

The world of STWALT is a breathing and living one. While you are traveling this perilious land scape, events will unfold and affect either you, others or sometimes the entire world.

Event types in STWALTEdit

  • Encounters: These are strickly monsters , Goblins, Zombies, Dragon ect... and require the adventurer to either fight or flee. The frequency of these encounters are determined by how well the world is patrolled.
  • Obstacles: These can be poeple (merchant , princess, hermit, adventurers) or precise locations (pit, swamps, rivers, cliffs) they usually require specific actions relative to the obstacle, the ressources or the time available to the adventurer.
  • World events: These events affect the entire world and are displayed in the sliding sign on the top left corner of the screen. It can vary from plague to some King's decisions or even bad news regarding the Tarask. World events are usually major in significance and affect the entire realm.
  • Placeables:  Placeables is what constitute interactive buildings or location placed randomly on the map each time you play a game of STWALT. It can range from the Castle (always present) to some farms, a treasure chest or many other specific locations that you may find in a fantasy world. Some placeables are quest specific and will only appear during that quest. (Volcano for the ring quest)