A treasure chest at the woods waiting to be opened. Once opened, you will receive random things and a good sum of gold. If the chest is trapped, it is likely because items inside are valuable. Be warned, a trap may contain poison. There are a few options to open this cracknut chest.

(a)Use Key: If you found a chest key, just use it to open that damn chest. Saves you time but will trigger traps.

(b)Bash Open the Chest: A crude and harsh way to open a chest, the chest has a defense of 15. If your attack roll added to d20 is over 15, you will open chest. However, this is not reccomended as failure at bashing the chest open will result in loss of items and gold stored in the chest (Not to mention setting traps multiple times).

(c)Picklock: Base chance of 15, Rogues get +3 per level and equipping picklock set add +5 bonus. Fail at first try will trigger traps( if there are one). Wastes time but you will open it eventually. 

(d)Check trap: Can only be done once per chest, base chance of 15, Rogues get bonus in checking trap. 

(e)Disarm trap: Base roll of 15, if critical failure will trigger trap. Success in doing this action will disarm trap and make the chest safe for opening, bashing and picklocking.

Tip: Before bashing a chest, picklock it first to disarm a trap. This avoids multiple trap when you fail to bash the chest. Bashing chest is quick but it destroys items inside, your safe bet would be the key. If you don't have the key and don't want to bother bashing a treasure chest, your safe bet is to picklock the chest.