As you try to flee the monsters, you found a cave.. If you found a cave, you have two options..

Firstly, venture in it.. The is much possibilities of venturing inside a cold dark cave:

- Find a treasure stash. Usually, comes with all sorts of random items but you can plunder them..

- Run screaming from the cave like a little girl, well, that whats the game says.. Effects include being afraid for 3 days at least.. So much for your bravery.

- Encounters with monsters with random hp (Dragon, Orc,Stirge), killing them rewards gold!. Yup, you're doomed with a dragon in front of you armed only with bare hands..

- Rest for a day and recover 1hp, ahh.. what a comfortable cave..

-And yes, the most dreaded of all, cave-ins!! Suddenly the entrance collapse and you waste time for 10 days digging the cave..( 3 days if you have PIKE axe, actually pickaxe.)

Secondly, if you are such girly, cowardly Volksturmtruppen, well, just go away fom the cave.. but you never know what you will find in the outside world..