The castle, the adventurer's one stop place at the only capital in the realm of STWALT. This is where the King lives and the only large temple is situated at the castle, dedicated to followers of the Gygax cult.

Castle grounds- OPTIONSEdit

There are some few actions you can do here:

1. Trade- The marketplace is the place where you can buy and sell items you need. The items spawn at the market are random. The price for goods are determined by current economical changes in the realm (if merchants import more goods, the price of goods will increase slightly). 

2.Beg- Sure, it is humiliating for an adventurer such as you to beg some money from the townspeople. But, if you cannot get some gold, why not ask from them. Difficulty of 15, Hobbits and rogues get some bonus. Failure will result in an empty-handedness and a chance to spend time in prison for 1 day ( more if you have high bounty points a.k.a high criminality) 

3.Go to royal library ( Fee: 25 golds)- Go here if you want to study for a day ( Difficulty: 15, Wizards have bonus and clerics gain +1 per level) or steal a book ( Difficulty: 15, Rogues get bonus, Failure results in a jail time of 7 days).

4. Go to temple- The temple where you can pray to Gygax.

Temple -OPTIONSEdit

At the temple you can:-

1) Cure Disease, Poison, Curse and Fear for 50 golds (price influenced by economical changes in the realm).

2) Gain 1 hp for 50 golds ( price influenced by economical changes in the realm).

3) Get some blessings for 100 golds (actually there is a bug, the price is actually 50 golds. also influenced by economical changes in the realm).

4) Pray to Gygax- All characters (except Clerics) get 20% to get 1 xp, Clerics get 40%. Usage of ceremonial items, namely the Mantel and Gygax Symbol will give some bonus to praying action.