The bosses and special encounters of the game

Well, there are 2 bosses in this game which are Diterlitz and Tarask.

Diterlitz is a warlord who fought with Gygax once and very powerful.. He has variable power which is randomised per quest. His hitpoints are 10 with a staggering attack power of 25. His lair is located randomly across the realm.

Meanwhile, Tarask (currently disabled) is a really  big,huge, mammoth monster that are sleeping under the mountains. If it is moving for two or three times and wakes up from its slumber, you are dead! I mean, dead! Why? Because this huge monster will eat everything, and I mean everything in the realm (structures, nature , everything). The awakening of Tarask is essentially an apocalyptic event in STWALT and even if you fight it, you are DEAD! ( there is a device to awaken this monster, Horn of Bersimon, find and use it at your own peril)...


1. Orc Warband- On the Caravan event, if you choose to track attackers, you will encounter them, Attack power of 13 with random hitpoints.

2. Random monster hideouts found in ruins and caves.

3. Giant Red Dragon - appears as a random event flying overhead, the hero can try and hide from it. Att: 28, HP: 10.

4. Bandit band - can be found in ambushes (such as job posts).